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Get a hard body fast and add years of firepower to your sex life!
The men’s health muscle system is a formula  with results
Created by our Men’s Health fitness experts!

This system gets you past the three most common problems guys face with workouts: lack of progress, lack of time, and lack of fun.

All you need is a single set of dumbbells and three 30-minute sessions a week, and you'll see your body change faster than ever!

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Having a six-pack and defined muscles is like looking like I did when I was a U.S. Army lean, mean, fighting machine!”  —Richard Casados, age 50, after 6 weeks  on The Men’s Health Diet
Last Longer - 10 Years Longer!
  As your waist size goes down, your testosterone goes up! It's been calculated that a guy who’s 5'10" and is not carrying 30 extra pounds should enjoy 10 fewer years of age-related testosterone decline! Uncover your abs with The Men's Health Diet! Your best life is yet to come!

More Sizzling Sez! In The Men's Health Diet you'll also discover:
The three foods that raise your testosterone and give more "firepower" to your sex drive!


How to get more of the one nutrient that's most important for refilling your testosterone tank. Doctors report that men who eat the most of this food component have the highest levels of testosterone (and no, it’s not protein!) See page 28 in The Men's Health Diet for this mind-blowing revelation!


The foods that make you harder where it counts. They literally help increase blood flow to your penis!

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Turn Fat Into Muscle, Show Off Those Abs! The Men's Health Muscle System is our most effective fat-burning plan ever!
Designed to burn 160-plus calories off a 180-pound man in just 15 minutes!


Specifically targets belly fat, the fat that lowers your metabolism and can lead to serious health problems!


No gym or fancy equipment needed—just two dumbbells!

  Totally flexible! No set number of reps or pounds to lift! Whatever feels right for you, for each 30-second set! You must and will have fun! Never get bored!  
Muscle up your testosterone 49%!

Your testosterone begins to fall when you hit the big 3-0. This is not good! As the fall progresses, you lose muscle mass and bone density, and your sex drive goes downhill.

Here's the good news: Finnish researchers found that men who lift weights regularly experience a 49% boost in their free testosterone!

You can get the same life-changing benefit with the Men's Health Muscle System—even if you skip one of your three weekly exercise sessions!

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