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Uncover your abs with your favorite foods!
Uncover your abs with your favorite foods!
Exclusive: 250 Best Foods for Men!

The Men's Health Diet
says you can eat basically anything you crave so long as it’s the very best.

Best in flavor, best in nutrition, best in calories.

To make that a lot easier in real life, you'll have at your fingertips a truly encyclopedic list of the best foods out there: best to stock up your kitchen and the best party foods, snacks, drinks, and restaurant foods, from steak houses to fast food chains.

You'll save thousands of calories and never miss them because you're eating the same basic dish you'd get elsewhere, with equal or better taste, but with far fewer needless calories! The more you use these tips, the more you’ll lose! Check out just a few examples!

BEST FAST FOOD MEAL: Chick-fil-A® Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich with Large Fruit Cup. How do you build one of the world's best fast food meals? Pair the best sandwich with a cup of vitamin-packed fruit. You get a full meal with fewer calories than a medium order of fries at a major chain!
Chick-fil-A™ Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich
Learn how to drop 40 to 50 pounds- just on weekends!


Guinness® Draught. Smooth, flavorful,
and surprisingly low
in calories!
Guinness™ Draught

BEST Pepperoni:

Didn’t expect to see pepperoni here? Try Hormel® Turkey 70% Reduced Fat! Perfect as an out-of- the-bag snack. With just 70 calories in 17 slices, they have about 100 calories less than the same number of potato chips! And our tasters say they’re more satisfying!
It's NOT about running marathons or purposely running out of beer! What you'll do is make smart food swaps, focusing on the kinds of foods guys often enjoy over the weekend.

One example: You’re cruising around doing errands when your stomach informs you it’s time for a burger. You could go almost anywhere, but because you've read the 250 Best Foods for Men in The Men's Health Diet, you know exactly where to go:
Your "Nutritional GPS!"
McDonald's™ Quarter Pounder
  Go to McDonald's®, where you order the Quarter Pounder (hold the cheese). You could just as easily have gone to another very popular chain and ordered one of their burgers—which has a colossal 1,941 calories! The Men's Health Diet just saved you more than 1,500 calories!

Check out The Men's Health Diet for other easy swaps, which can easily add up to a whole pound lost over a weekend. Use this strategy every weekend and you could drop 40 to 50 pounds in a year's time!

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Ruby Tuesday'sSM
Memphis Dry Rub Fork-Tender Ribs (1/2 rack) taste great, and are some of the most lean ribs ever found. Go to another place famous
Bob Evans™ Belgian Waffle

Bob Evans® Belgian Waffle w/Strawberry Topping. One of the lightest waffles you'll find at any fast-casual restaurant. And by choosing the strawberry topping over standard pancake syrup, you save almost 150 calories!
for ribs, and the same half rack will hit you below the belt with nearly three times as much fat. Eat great, get LEAN FAST!
Ruby Tuesday's™  Memphis Dry Rub Fork-Tender Ribs
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